User Acquisition Analytics

Zoom in on growth opportunities to maximise results across all types of UA campaigns - CPI, CPA & ROAS.

Reduce noise. Get focused.
Filter with pivot table to see metrics on a granular level. Your campaigns, your data.
Countless campaigns at a glance
No more toggling from one ad network to another. Get all UA campaign metrics within one view.
UA profit & loss matters
Decide on business growth strategy based on your portfolio performance

On average, UA managers spend 35% of their time analysing campaigns. You can reduce it by using our analytics tool to spot outliers quickly for campaign optimisation.

Campaign & SiteID Centers

Monitor UA performances from 3,000ft down to 3ft. Extract granular data with pivot table

Custom Reports

Cater UA reports for different stakeholders featuring key metrics that matter. You can even share reports with external collaborators for communication efficiency.

Insight Rules

Highlight underperforming campaigns using predefined performance thresholds for faster, continuous optimisation


Actively monitor your UA spend in real-time with Ad & IAP Revenue tracker to get Profit and Loss metrics.

Scaling up together as ONE.

Work more easily with everyone to make faster, better and more cohesive growth decisions

Reduce manual labour and repetitive tasks associated with capturing data from different sources and data accuracy

Manage campaigns at scale with direct bid and budget edits across ad networks

Drive organisation-wide collaboration through real-time shared insights, reports and notifications

Measure creatives performance that contribute to UA growth

Make decisive actions to deliver high performing creative concepts and themes

Identify opportunities for continuous improvement with game level performance

Design and optimise game variants based on past engagement trends

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