UA Metrics

Deepen your knowledge with common measuring metrics used in user acquisition for mobile game marketing.


Return on Ad Spend Day X (ROAS Dx) is the return on ad spend including IAP and Ad revenue in Day X

ROAS= Total revenue from ad campaign / Total ad spend


Lifetime Value (LTV) is the prediction of the average profitability that a user bring on Day X

LTV= ARPDAU * Lifetime


Retention Rate Day X (RR Dx) shows the percentage of people who continue engaging with the app on Day X

RR Day X = Total Active Users Day X / Total installs Day 0


Cost per Mille (CPM) is the amount of ad dollar an advertiser has to pay per 1000 ad impressions

CPM = Cost / Impressions * 1000


Effective Cost per Mile (eCPM) is the amount of revenue an advertiser earns per 1000 ad impressions

eCPM = Total Ad Revenue / Total Ad Impressions * 1000


Effective Cost per Install (eCPI) is the final ad price for each app install for the campaign

eCPI= Campaign Spend / No. of Installs (via ads)


Cost per Install is the price the app marketer agrees to pay when a user install their app via paid media through a publisher



Att-eCPI is the eCPI calculated using data from attribution services. Data from these sources can be more credible as they are intermediary services

Att-eCPI = Cost / Att-installs


No. of installs recorded by Attribution services . This data can be used to compare and contrast with the number of installations given by Ad services



Daily Active User (DAU) is the no. of daily active users



Clickthrough Rate (CTR) is the percentage of clicks over impressions

CTR = Clicks / Impressions * 100%


Effective Cost per Click (eCPC) is the cost an advertiser has to pay to get per click

eCPC= Cost / Clicks


M-eCPM is the revenue from per thousand impressions

M-eCPM = (Ad revenue / Ad impressions) * 1000

Acc. Ad revenue

Accrued Ad Revenue is revenue generated from in-app advertisements

Sum of accumulated revenue from in-app ads

Acc. IAP Revenue

Accrued In-App purchase revenue so far (Acc. IAP Revenue) is one source of revenue generated from users purchases or subscriptions while playing games

Sum of accumulated in-app purchase revenue


No. of times per daily active users access the app. Opening of the app each time is calculated as one session

Sessions = Total no. of sessions in period X / Total no. of Daily Active Users in period X


Conversion Rate from impressions to installs (oCVR) or Installs per mile or per 1000 impressions (IPM) is the no. of installs we get over impressions exposed to users via ads

oCVR = Installs / Impressions


Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) is a KPI used to measure how well your monetization strategies are working on a daily basis. It tells you how much revenue your active users generate for your app or game every day

ARPDAU = Revenue earned within a given 24hr period / No. of active users that day


Average Revenue per Paying User (ARPPU) is a measurement used to determine the average of how much revenue is generated by paying users over a specific time period

ARPPU = Total revenue generated in time period X / Total number of paying users in time period X


IAP RPDAU is the in-app purchase revenue per daily active user

IAP RPDAU = IAP revenue / Daily Active User


Impressions per Daily Active User (IMPDAU) is used to estimate the productivity of monetization strategy regarding impressions. It is the average number of ads shown for active users of an app within a 24 hour timeframe

IMPDAU = No. of Daily Impressions / No. of Daily Active Users


Installs Per Mille (IPM) is the no. of times an app or game is installed per thousand ad impressions

IPM = No. of Installs * 1000 / No. of Impressions


Conversion Rate (CVR) or Clicks to Installs (CTI) is the percentage of users installing the application via an ad

CVR = Installs / Clicks


Cost per Action (CPA) is an ad strategy for advertisers to only pay for users who engaged in specific redetermined action. E.g. users who click “play” or perform a “game over” is regarded as an action

CPA = Advertising Costs / Total Actions

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