Game Analytics

Empower Product team with level insights to optimise game play for higher Retention Rate (RR), Lifetime Value (LTV) & Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

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Drive product stickiness
Increase engagement through continuous product optimisation
Variants Optimisation
Make data-driven improvements for A/B testings
Collaborating as a team
One reporting source for cross-functional teams

Find out how changes in game play behaviour affects UA performance. It's time to optimise your game to increase Play Duration.

Events Picker

Get deeper understanding of specific event performance

Advanced A/B Testing

Test different app variants to monitor different audience engagement with the app.

Level Analytics

Analyse behaviour by comparing game-level engagement and drop-off rates.

Scaling up together as ONE.

Work more easily with everyone to make faster, better and more cohesive growth decisions

Reduce manual labour and repetitive tasks associated with capturing data from different sources and data accuracy

Manage campaigns at scale with direct bid and budget edits across ad networks

Drive organisation-wide collaboration through real-time shared insights, reports and notifications

Measure creatives performance that contribute to UA growth

Make decisive actions to deliver high performing creative concepts and themes

Identify opportunities for continuous improvement with game level performance

Design and optimise game variants based on past engagement trends

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