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No more data clean ups. Lihuhu gains 70% more time for strategic UA work.

Discover how Lihuhu drives seamless collaboration and transparency among their team to grow user acquisition at scale.






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“We should stop working hard. It's time to work smarter and let the UA team do their real UA tasks that automation can’t do.”

Huy Le

Founder & CEO, Lihuhu

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The Path to 3X Daily Active Users in <2 years

Urgency to improve productivity

Prior to using Cost Center, Lihuhu’s UA team spent 80% of their time doing manual work such as reading data from MMP dashboard and adjusting bid/budget changes on individual ad networks. With over 10 platforms to go through each day, 6 hours went past in a blink of an eye. That’s only having to manage 2 games by a UA manager. Having to increase their productivity becomes their top priority as Lihuhu scales to develop more new games to their portfolio every year.

Scaling your team together 

The team decided to explore data-driven analytics tools to automate processes for more clarity and efficiency. Some immediate UA tasks that they have transformed include:

  • Data compiling 
  • Data mapping 
  • Data visualisation 

Equipped with the right tool, the team is able to spend less time doing mundane work so as to oversee more games. Cost Center has become the PRIMARY analytics platform for the UA team to manage all of their campaigns.

“By freeing our UA team from manual tasks, it has not only helped them save time, but it also gives them more motivation, creativity and happiness in their work.”

No more second guessing 

Data accuracy was another pain point. Manual export of reports resulted in potential human errors, inconsistencies and make do with strategising using “old data”.

With Cost Center’s direct plug in to all the data sources needed to track and analyse UA, Lihuhu can easily access key metrics and discover trends to make timely data-driven strategies. UA managers closely monitor the changes in ROAS, LTV and  RR to formulate bid logic. 

Now it does not take hours or days to finally derive at the next action item to optimise the ongoing campaigns. They can confidently making strategies based on the insights presented in the dashboard.

Never gonna stop improving

As the studio continues to grow, Lihuhu is further leveraging on Cost Center to extend data analytics to other teams such Product, Creatives and Monetisation to drive collaboration. 

The team relies on advanced Firebase A/B testing to analyse game play performance and Slack reporting to be notified on when a new video ad is live, when a video ad is removed and the same with campaigns.

“Advanced Firebase AB testing and Slack report notifications have contributed a lot to our company's transparent culture, every member could know how the team is going so as to learn from each other.” says Huy.
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