Less UA tasks.
More on growth strategies.

Transforming User Acquisition processes for mobile games to drive measurable results across LTV, ROAS & Retention.


Growth in Daily Active Users in 2 years


More time for UA strategies


Set up ROAS Campaign

"We should stop working hard. Start working smart and let the UA team do the real UA tasks that a machine can’t do."

Same campaigns.
Better performance.

  • Make quick informed decisions with 360 view on campaign performance
    Analyse accurate and timely cross-platform data with deeper analytics
  • Run ROAS campaigns without developer’s support
    Setup Events Postback for real-time ROAS campaigns optimisation by-passing app update
  • Optimise bids and budgets with Rules Automation
    Build bid logic from campaign trends to adjust your bids and budgets dynamically
  • Build data ETL connecting Ad Networks, Attribution, Mediation & Analytics services
    Centralising and standardising data for continuous data processing
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