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NoPowerup scales up 300% in revenue through continuous optimisation

Learn what works for No Powerup’s UA to understand their players and quickly iterate for maximised growth








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"With Cost Center, we now know how to manage and optimise Bid Sources on Unity Ads. In addition, we finally have a tool to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns."

Hưng Đặng Quang


Return On Investment

Accelerating app growth through data-driven decision making

Running UA campaigns can be challenging in this ever-changing mobile gaming landscape especially when there are countless data points to validate across multiple different data sources. NoPowerup felt the pressure to find relevant datasets when they started to manage user acquisition in-house.

Believing that understanding their audience is key to building any successful game, Hưng Đặng Quang, CMO of NoPowerup, implemented Cost Center to support their decision making process. This becomes the gateway for NoPowerup to achieve over 3X in revenue and 150% in Return On Investment (ROI) within the last 12 months.

Training Creatives to understand numbers

The team uses game centric quantitative metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their ad creatives. Using Cost Center’s Campaign Center, creatives with different attributes such as concept styling or colour theming were compared to measure players’ engagement based on Retention, Duration and Sessions. This gives them insights into ad performance with countries and ad networks breakdown allowing them to improve on the quality of the assets.

Continuous optimisation of ad spend

To further the efficiency of NoPowerup’s ad spend, their UA team received training from Cost Center learning how to set Unity source bidding target on a granular level. Source bidding can now be executed as a standalone campaign strategy, or as an additional targeting tactic alongside standard bids in the overall UA strategy.


Concurrently, the team also leverages on event specific intel to identify suitable events for Google’s CPA campaigns with the Event Picker feature. Today, NoPowerup dedicates a couple of hours every week to review their active campaigns for continuous optimisation. Just a small amount of time spent that brings exponential results.

“We are really happy to work with Cost Center. Not only is it a very effective tool, the Cost Center team has also been very supportive and helpful.”

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