June 8, 2022

Enriching post-installation data with Ads Data Hub

Have you ever wanted a UA genie that could answer your puzzling questions? What are some of your top questions? The list could be long and here’s few to start with:

Which age group has the highest Retention Rate on D7?

Which demographic has the lowest IAP LTV?

Does Creative A perform better among Female or Male between 35-44?

What is the Ad LTV for Male 25-34 vs Male 34-44?

To answer them all, we have super boosted Google Ads Data Hub. 

Cost Center’s Ads Data Hub (ADH) is a data clean room that integrates Google ecosystem with data sources from Firebase and mediation services like AppLovin’ and Ironsource to bring you relevant metrics such as gender level IAP LTV, age group level Retention Rate and more. A must-have feature to elevate your UA decision-making process. 

Feature Benefits:

  • No technical intervention, little setup time, no learning curve

Let us do the heavy-lifting so that you don’t have to involve your data engineers. Cost Center has developed custom SQL queries to access aggregated information upon enabling your Google Ads Data Hub 

  • Enrich your data metrics to drive strategic UA decisions

Combining multidimensional data sources brings deeper insights on the performance of individual campaigns. By innovating the way that data is used, UA managers can improve, optimise and make better decisions to drive incremental user acquisitions

  • Visualise data all in one view

Cost Center funnels data directly through our data pipeline bypassing the dashboard configuration needed in Google Data Studio

  • Retrieve aggregated insights without infringing privacy

Analyse data to evaluate UA effectiveness while protecting the privacy of the mobile gamers to comply with GDPR rules

ADH - A clean room for your post-installation data

Cost Center’s ADH enriches Google’s provided datasets with additional UA data allowing UA managers to further validate ad performances on an aggregated user-level. Something that could not be tracked previously. Now UA managers can confidently target the leads, understand who they are reaching and how they can improve your campaign.

Kindly note that this feature is for enterprise clients only, do reach out if you’re interested to try it out!

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